Naujoji Julia Janus kolekcija – alternatyvūs atsakymai ieškantiems kitokio drabužio


2018 m. pavasario – vasaros ,,Julia Janus” kolekcija yra atsakas į klausimus, kurių svarba itin sustiprėjo technologijų, nuolatinio išsiblaškymo ir bėgimo nuo savęs amžiuje.

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Julia Janus tampa platforma, kuri skelbia mados eros be diskriminacijos pradžią


Nepriklausomas dizainerės prekės ženklas po savo stogu įsileidžia dar tris Lietuvoje puikiai žinomus aksesuarų vyrams ir moterims bei kosmetikos vyrams kūrėjus, kurie išplės aukštos kokybės urbanistinių ir modernių stiliaus ir gyvenimo būdo detalių pasiūlą.

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Aš turiu VILTĮ#JuliaJanusVILTIS


Julija Janus kviečia sergantiems vėžiu padovanoti viltį, prisidėjus prie Kalėdinio savanorystės projekto, įsigyjant apyrankę - VILTIS.

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RESETAutumn-Winter 17/18 Video


New „Julia Janus“ inspirational video

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ResetFall-Winter 17/18


We present you our new Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection RESET inviting you to answer several questions: do we really live the way we want? Maybe the time has come to reset and release our inner freedom? When is the right time for rebirth if not now?

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JULIA JANUSRenewed store in Klaipėda


“Julia Janus” store in Klaipėda’s Akropolis moved from Rusų avenue to Žydų avenue 119.

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Shopping Night Out 2017


This year night shopping event “Shopping night out” took place on May 19th

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WIECZNE2017r. kolekcję wiosna-lato klip


Marka odzieżowa tworząca styl progresywny dla kobiet i mężczyzn „Julia Janus” przedstawiła nie tylko najnowszą 2017 r. kolekcję wiosna-lato, ale także dla niej przeznaczony klip. W utworze, którego długość jest nieco powyżej minuty zmieściło się wszystko – i estetyka projektantki odzieży Julii Janus, autorki kolekcji „Wieczne” ( „Timeless” – ang.), i styl dokumentalny reżyserki wizualizacji Aliny Lu.

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Julii Janus i Agnieszki Bar wystawa „My”


Fashion designer Julia Janus and glass artist Agnieszka Bar collaborate in exhibition “We”

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TIMELESSSpring-Summer 2017


We present you new Spring-Summer 2017 collection "Timeless" inspired by the beauty of moment and movement.

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BLACK SCIENCE backstageby Alina Lu and Ollie Lock


Music track for this video exclusively was created by the famous British electronic music artist Ollie Lock, better known as the Occult.

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BLACK SCIENCEFall-Winter 16/17


Inspirations / Symbiosis between a living organism and smart electronic world, dualism of personality, secret mutations. Contrasts between and at the same time the unity of the opposites – soft and rough, humane and animalistic, natural and artificial, obvious and hidden, good and evil.

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City Geometry


He&She. City Geometry. Julia Janus.

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Last friday, May 13th, Vilnius old town was crowded with fashionistas with no size or age limit. Wondering around the streets till late night, many were welcomed by Julia and the rest of JULIA JANUS team, at our store in Stikliai street and the first men-fashion-only POP-UP store at UFF Square. Music, drinks and style advises from the creator herself!

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Julia Janus jewelry collection SERENITY


Here you can see the moments from a hand-made jewelry making process, also their visual link to food: black caramel, thyme, honey, onion and bread...

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Julia Janus POP-UP STORE openingFashion breakfast


Nine o’clock in the morning, “Dublis” restaurant in Vilnius, Trakai street, owned by a famous Lithuanian chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas, tasty special breakfast created by the chef himself and Julia Janus collection Serenity, hanging in the dining area. This is how we decided to introduce our new spring-summer collection to the best fashion audience in Lithuania.

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Julia Janus at TRANOI NYC


Julia Janus presents AW16/17 collection REFLECTION at Tranoi New York, Stand A16, 21-23 February, 2016

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The source of the inspiration for the collection - the feeling of serenity. Serenity as a state of being and serenity as an irritant.

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A new niche: urban Baltic with deep pagan roots


“If you want your own identity, you need to know your roots”, says niche clothing designer Julia Janus, 45. Today she designs subtly expressive neo-pagan mens and womenswear for her signature brand, but she has done everything from rebel fashion to evening wear for the wives of presidents.

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Julia Janus 2015 achievements


At the begining of the road, we never even thought, how far it can take us... Step by step, our Baltic brand is getting more and more recognition abroad. Although JULIA JANUS is taking only the first steps in the international fashion market, at the end of the year, we are happy to announce our achievements.

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Julia Janus at wãpsva boutique


On a dark and rainy Wednesday evening, Julia Janus invited her clients, admirers and all of those who love modern elegance and styles that are breaking the stereotypes, to a cozy boutique, where the latest collection was presented.

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Fall-Winter 2015/2016 collectionReflections


Inspiration for the collection – reflections of reality. We were looking for the reflection in mirrors, fragments of glass, showcases, lakes and rivers, eyes and sub-consciousness. The symbol of the collection became a rhombus – the geometric shape that connects two triangles.

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„Julia Janus” joins Oncology Center for a social project


In our country there is no culture of death and disease. I am talking about sick people, people with disabilities, depreciation and write-offs of old or dying people. We have never been taught of tolerance and compassion. It seems that in our country to get old and ill is a shame even if it’s known that one day we will all get old, and the majority sooner or later will be forced to face the disease. Because of lack of tolerance and psychological help, there appears an inferiority complex of people who get to know about their diagnosis and disease. The aim of this joint project with brother Benedict from the first Oncological Center in the Baltic is to emphasise that no matter how much time we have left ahead: three months or thirty years – the most important thing is to meet every single day in a fullest way, feeling your own individuality and uniqueness. Realize yourself and your ideas, be yourself and feel true meaning of the life " - says Julija - creative director of Julia Janus.

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SS2015 Collection Alchemy in my kitchen


The latest collection was inspired by alchemy – the pseudoscience which existed in medieval Europe.

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Julia Janus hand made soap


The Julia Janus concept parduotuviu tinklas offers more than just clothing apparel and accessories. It has expanded to include kitchen and tableware, recipe books, and items for the home. In addition to the crossover between style and food, the Julia Janus lifestyle concept has forayed into the realm of skincare with the introduction of Julia Janus soap “bagels” that blend both worldly and Nordic ingredients.

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PRINTSjazz in my kitchen


The newest collection "MUSIC in my kitchen" surprises with its various forms, original decorative details, fabrics, and color palette – interwoven with influences from modern hip-hop, rock, jazz and lounge music.In this collection, we see the fabric prints inspired by the musical selections and lifestyle of Julia Janus. For instance, a SKECTH made in pen ink is an ode to JAZZ.

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MONOCHROMEArt inspired collection


The newest Julia Janus collection features unique, art-inspired pieces. The designer used watercolours on paper to create inimitable patterns that were later transferred on fabrics and sewn into perfectly flattering tops and dresses as well as eye-catching accessories. MONOCHROME | Black and white has always been a classic combination, but this year it takes a fresher, more modern vibe by combining the colours on the same piece of clothing rather than pairing a white shirt with black pants.

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Julia Janus handmade pottery


People use taste to define the sensation of flavour felt when food contacts their mouth; yet it also qualifies particular style preference. This is how Julia Janus found a link between kitchen and fashion that stimulated to create a home line with a wide range of handmade pottery. Every single piece is unique, made in collaboration with best ceramists that add a precise hand touch to all bowls, plates and other dishes. The entire collection is made exclusively in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, in Čiurlionis Street, within a walking distance from the Old Town of Vilnius!

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Summer Linen


Linen has been a very valuable plant culture in Baltic countries for many years, and its growing traditions are highly cherished here. Fabric's popularity is determined by its longevity and resistance for sun radius as its color hardly fades over the years. 

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Around the Baltic Sea with JulijaDay One


Baltic Sea, 10/August, Bartoczyce town, Poland Sunday morning dawns in Eastern Prussian lands, a German house lived by Polish people.Road from Lithuania towards this place is very old, overgrown with centenarian trees. It crinkles through wavy areas, from parish to parish: German-built churches remind of Nida, Juodkrantė, Klaipėda. Bright green-blue colors of stone brick houses remind that current occupants have Slavic origins. 

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Around the Baltic Sea with JulijaDay Two


Baltic Sea, 11/August,  Gdansk, Poland ToruneMonday evening and night in Torune. Reminds me of Talinn. A little German-Flemish town of merchants. Baked goose in the cheapest restaurant is worth tasting. The sound of bells from churches amazes.

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Around the Baltic Sea with JulijaDays Three and Four


Sopot. We stop there only to find out that the you need to pay for walking on bridge to the sea. We decide not to buy tickets. Not worth it. Bridge in Palanga is shorter, but free of charge, and the sea looks very similar. 

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Around the Baltic Sea with JulijaDays Five and Six


Baltic Sea, 15 August, Gryfice and Rybokarty Palace, Poland. Last night in Poland. We choose Rybokarty Palace (German – Rebberkardt), built in 18th century, to spend the night. Newly renovated palace stands in the middle of a tiny village, and there is a Church from the Middle Ages next to it. On the other side of the palace – there is a pond and horses are being pastured. Feeling is good. Rooms are very modest, and surroundings are very cosy. We treat the horses with our last battered apples from Lithuania. We talk with the owner of the manor. Wave for the plastic dog sculpture and cherished village-palace flowerbeds. Our way is to Usedom: an Island, where German people spend their holidays. 

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